About Steven Weisman

Steve Weisman is a lawyer, a college professor at Bentley University and one of the country’s leading experts on scams and identity theft.  His book, “The Truth About Avoiding Scams” is one of the most important books ever written about scams.  It was named by Smart Money Magazine as one of the ten best money books of 2008 and has been cited throughout the media.   HIs latest book is “Identity Theft Alert.” Among Steve’s other books are “50 Ways to Protect Your Identity and Your Credit” and a number of helpful e books including “The Truth About Identity Theft,” “How to Avoid Being Scammed,” The Truth About Avoiding Credit Scams,” “The Truth About Tax Scams,” “The Truth About Government Assistance Scams,” “The Truth About Telephone Scams,” “The Truth About Employment Scams,” “The Truth About Computer Scams,” and “The Truth About Investment Scams.”  Steve also writes a column on scams for USA Today.

Steve has been featured and quoted about scams throughout the media and he has received a Certificate of Merit from the American Bar Association for excellence in legal journalism.  He is a much sought after speaker on the topic of recognizing and avoiding scams.

He is the founder of Scamicide.com, a website dedicated to informing the public about the dangers of scams and providing the public with the latest information about this important topic.  As a lawyer, Steve is associated “of counsel” with the law firm of Margolis & Bloom http://www.margolis.com.